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The Story of Rolla Bae: Our Summer Love Child

Words By Rebecca Patterson,


Rolla Bae was conceived in the sizzling Melbourne summer of 2018/19 when best mates, Meagan and Bec, laced up a pair of holographic roller skates and let their inner wild-child run free. For both, it was a time of great personal transformation, which, combined with endless sunshine, fresh beach air and carefree roller skating, was a magical recipe for living their best life!


As the winter rolled in, the tans had faded, but the magic from those summer days in St Kilda hadn’t. The positive and restorative power of roller skating had seeped into their bones, and the trickle effect was tangible on everyone they had encountered while cruising beachside pavements. It had become their outlet for escapism, self-expression and growth and for sparking pure joy. Only one thing didn’t add up: why in hell wasn’t anyone offering a way to skate along the beach?


Not wanting to venture to a suburban indoor rink to get their skate fix and desperately wanting to share their love of beachside skating with other people, these summer kids and natural born hustlers hatched a plan. Meagan and Bec make a living out of creating memorable experiences and connections for their clients and associates; Meagan, through her career in marketing, partnerships and brand development, and Bec as an event stylist, florist and set designer. Rolla Bae became a personal extension of this culmination of skills, hunger and a ‘fuck-it-lets-do-it’ nature. 


Within the next 5 months they acquired a vintage 1960s caravan from the set of a TV show, renovated it, kitted it out with 100 pairs of roller skates, gathered a team of incredibly talented die-hard skaters and set up shop on a prime piece beachside real estate in the heart of iconic St Kilda. Their roller skating, summer love-child was born!


A harsh divergence to the conditions of the previous summer, Rolla Bae’s launch in December 2019, was hit with unseasonably poor weather, heartbreaking bushfires and of course, a global pandemic. Not your run of the mill ‘humble beginnings’ story by any means, but in an almost poetic metaphor, they learnt their greatest lesson from roller skating itself; when you fall, you dust yourself off, and get back up again.


Despite only being operational for 3 brief months last summer, Rolla Bae had a stellar first season. A finalist in the 2020 Parks & Leisure Awards of Excellence for Community Based Initiative of the Year, successful sold out Youth  ‘Learn to Skate’ programs with Port Phillip Council, and a waitlist for more, Rolla Bae cemented ties with the local Port Phillip community & is fast becoming an iconic tourist hotspot.

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