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Rolla Bae Skate Classes

Roller skating is absolutely back in a big way, there’s no doubt about that. We're all out here wanting to live our 70s Cali truth... only problem is, it's a little bit harder than it looks.

For those of you who managed to get your hands on a pair of roller skates and find yourself googling "how to roller skate... like a pro?" or consuming hours of tik tok videos, insta reels and youtube tutorials only to feel like a baby Bambi taking his first steps every-time you lace up this ones for you.

Rolla Bae offers skate classes every Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays so you can learn all the basics like how to skate, stop, and most importantly: fall without absolutely destroying yourself.

Or if you're ready to take things to the next level we'll have you mastering spins, moonwalking and tik tok strutting in no time.



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