Youth Impala Protective Set - Pink

  • $59.99

Perfect for roller skating, skateboarding, or any sport the Impala youth protective kit has everything you need with wrist guards, knee guards and elbow pads included. Staying safe while skating has never looked so cool! You'll dramatically improve with the extra support and peace of mind.


  • A. Elbow: 18cm Knee: 21cm
  • B. Elbow: 16cm Knee: 17.5cm
  • C. Elbow: 10cm Knee: 13cm
  • D. Elbow: 10cm Knee: 13cm
  • E. Elbow: 16cm Knee: 17.5cm


  • A. Elbow: 20cm Knee: 23cm
  • B. Elbow: 18cm Knee: 19.5cm
  • C. Elbow: 11cm Knee: 14cm
  • D. Elbow 10cm Knee: 13cm
  • E. Elbow: 16c Knee: 17.5cm